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How to Connect With a Compassionate Couples Therapist in New York

Do you feel distant from your partner lately? Have you stopped talking to one another? Is there anything preventing you two from being intimate or trusting each other? Couples therapy can be beneficial whether you want to rekindle the flame in your relationship or if it is suffering due to conflict, infidelity, or other issues.

In spite of potential problems, healthy connections are possible to reestablish. It may be a sign that your relationship needs to be rebalanced if a healthy connection  isn't what you are experiencing. There are many couples who have found guidance and support in couples therapy to help them overcome obstacles they face.

What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy provides a unique opportunity for couples to learn and grow their relationship. Many couples feel they can't connect with their partner or communicate openly. This can lead to feelings of frustration, isolation, and hopelessness.

Couples therapy is a process where couples can learn how to connect with each other and improve their relationship. This is done by working with a therapist who will help guide the couple and provide them with the tools they need to improve their relationship. Many couples find that working with a therapist can be a great way to improve communication and connection.  

Through therapy, couples can become more open and connected in their relationship. They learn how to communicate effectively and manage conflict in a healthy way. This leads to a more fulfilling and satisfying relationship. Couples therapy can also help resolve conflicts and problems in a relationship. If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship, it may be helpful to consider couples therapy.

Do we need a couples therapist?

Couples who want to have a positive and healthy relationship have to put effort into ensuring their relationships are strong. Couples therapy is helpful to strengthen, uplift, and somewhat revive the relationship between two people.

In couples therapy, both partners pay attention to their faults and address them together with the help of the therapist. This therapy is used for many reasons such as to reduce conflict, to help the gap between the couple, and to help resolve unhappy issues in their relationship. 

But it is not necessary for your relationship to be experiencing a crisis for counseling to be effective. Some relationships just need a little push or a chance to rekindle and grow. The fact is that couples counseling has benefits for all kinds of relationships. This kind of therapy also gives room for couples to develop and build their groundwork for possible future problems.

However, couples therapy is highly recommended if you or a loved one are dealing with any of the following challenges in your relationship:

  • regular confrontations
  • miscommunication
  • differences in decisions and views
  • feeling alienated or poorly understood
  • disagreements or stress related to money
  • challenges with commitment, trust, or infidelity
  • difficulties with friends and relatives (such as in-laws)
  • parenting issues
  • problems with intimacy

How do we choose a couples therapist in New York?

It's typically not the best idea to just choose the first therapist you find online when you google “best couple therapists new york”. Couples looking for therapists in New York must put the effort in to find someone who is a good fit for their situation because not every therapist is effective for every couple. Examine online reviews and licensing boards' disciplinary histories. A highly-regarded therapist is probably the best one to guide couples through challenges.

Your therapist also needs to respect you and make you feel at ease. You should have the impression that they share your viewpoint and sympathies. It's not a good sign if your therapist takes your side or your spouse's. Nobody should feel ganged up in therapy. If your therapist suggests something, and you aren't comfortable with it — like giving yourself a deadline to decide whether to stay in your marriage — let them know. It's a positive sign if your therapist values your input. If not, move on.

Couples typically wait seven years after they first notice a problem and before seeking assistance. You can find support right now, so you don't have to go through that bitterness and pain. I am based in Brooklyn and operate virtually in New York and New Jersey. If you are considering couples therapy in New York, click the button below to schedule a free initial consultation. I'd love to learn more about your relationship and help you in determining your next steps.


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