Trauma-Informed, Resiliency-Focused Therapist

Teresa Thompson, LCSW

Affirming, collaborative psychotherapy for adults with chronic pain and chronic illness

Experienced support for the practical, psychological, and emotional components of long-term health challenges

Virtual sessions available for your comfort and convenience


Therapy with Teresa

I am a Brooklyn-based BIPOC & LGBTQ affirming psychotherapist providing individual therapy sessions virtually in New York and New Jersey. I help guide clients to the vulnerability and self-introspection needed to explore their inner capacities for healing and growth.

I offer therapeutic support for challenges such as depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, healing from trauma, family conflicts, codependency, grief, life transitions, chronic pain, and struggles with identity. My work is rooted in clinical training and academic theory, as well as my lived experienced as a queer woman of color.

I also specialize in:
- Culturally informed care for the West Indian/Caribbean diaspora
- Psychotherapy for mania and/or psychosis
- LGBTQ-affirming support for queer and trans Catholics and Christians

Getting to know yourself and your experiences more deeply through therapy, with honesty and compassion, can allow you to open up more space in your life for attunement, self-actualization, and delight. I encourage you to schedule a free consultation to learn more about my practice and discuss if therapy might be right for you.

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Sliding Scale Options

Rates may be discounted based on financial need. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You haven’t worked with someone with my illness before – how can you help me?

Even if I have not yet worked with someone living with your particular diagnosis, I am familiar with commonalities shared across many illness and pain experiences - the challenges of finding and affording the right treatment, feeling awkward when a friend says “get well soon”, the anger and frustration that come up when it seems like life keeps going on outside while you’re stuck taking yet another sick day, not knowing quite how to tell a new partner about your lived experience.

With this background as my starting point, I am committed to gaining deeper insight about your lived experience of pain or illness as part of our work together.

I’ve been in pain for so long, can therapy really make a difference now?

The newest research on pain management is helping us understand the complex biological, psychological, and social factors that make up pain better than ever before. Managing your overall mental health and practicing coping skills tailored to you can reduce your pain, and exploring the way you think about pain can change how you experience it in your body.

If you have never been to therapy or never explored your chronic pain in therapy, try it and see if it’s the right approach for you.

I’ve felt misunderstood and betrayed by treatment providers before, I’m afraid to try therapy.

Being ignored, invalidated, and overridden time and time again my treatment providers isn’t just unpleasant, it’s traumatizing. I aim to create a different experience in my practice by centering client autonomy and choice.

When we meet I don’t want to simply assume your trust - I hope that over time, at the pace that feels right to you, I will earn your trust and together we’ll build a strong therapeutic relationship where you can really experience the benefits of therapy.

Take the First Step - Schedule a Time to Chat by Booking an Initial Phone Consultation

I welcome connecting with you even if you’re not yet sure I’m the right fit for you, or you’re undecided about moving forward with therapy.

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Location and Services

I offer 45 minute individual therapy sessions via Doxy, a secure online telehealth platform. The convenience of telehealth allows me to meet virtually with clients residing in New York and New Jersey.
My practice will remain fully virtual only until Spring 2022. When I resume in-person meetings at my office in Brooklyn, I will continue to offer telehealth for those who prefer this option.

Session Fees

I set fees on a sliding scale, subject to my practice’s availability and your financial ability to pay. My full fee for individual therapy is $200 per session, and my full fee for couples therapy is $250 per session. 

I do not accept any health insurance plans. If you do have insurance, call your plan and ask about what Out of Network benefits they might offer that can help you with the cost of therapy.


Clinical Experience

I practice psychotherapy as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the states of New York and New Jersey. I am a graduate of the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College, and I have completed additional advanced clinical training through the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center’s Clinical Journeys program. 

Before entering private practice I worked in the community mental health setting, primarily supporting low income individuals, people of color, and people from immigrant communities in managing chronic mental health conditions. I value taking a holistic approach to psychological wellness, incorporating understanding of how a person is shaped by their social, cultural, and environmental surroundings.

Sliding Scale and Affording Therapy

A portion of the sessions in my practice are reserved for clients who require a reduced rate due to limited financial resources. Please ask about my sliding scale availability if you are not able to afford my full rate - I want to set a fee that is accessible for you.

More About Teresa

LGBTQ and Transgender-Friendly Brooklyn-Based Therapist

Quality therapy involves building an authentic therapeutic relationship - my personal identity deeply shapes this area of my practice. As a queer woman of color, I can relate personally to similar experiences of structural marginalization and feelings of being an “outsider”. Living in diaspora as a binational, multiracial person gives me perspective working with others with mixed or fluid identities.

My life experience also grounds my understanding of spiritual trauma, as well as the liberation and joy that can be found in transforming (or ending) relationship with religion and spirituality.

When I’m not practicing, I love journaling, taking my dog on long walks, and trying new adventures in vegetarian cooking - all of which help me provide psychotherapy from a place of centeredness and joy!

Call me today at 347-766-4949 to learn more about how I can help.

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