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About Us

Salt River Therapy is your safe place to land. We are a boutique practice of experienced therapists who actually get you and are comfortable talking about hard stuff. 

Based in Brooklyn and operating virtually throughout NY and NJ, we offer an individualized, carefully tailored experience of care that you can’t get at large group practices and clinics. We provide individual and couples therapy to adults ages 18 and up.

We’re here to support you in prioritizing caring for yourself, understanding yourself and your experiences more deeply, and finally tackling the things that have been bothering you. Let us help you find your inner capacity for vulnerability, healing, and growth.

Free Consultation

Connect with us for a 15 minute phone consultation free of charge, and find out if we’re what you’ve been looking for. During this time we’ll get to know each other a bit, discuss what’s bringing you to therapy, and how we may be able to help. We’ll also talk through how to schedule a first appointment once you’re ready to move forward.


teresa thompson lcsw is a NQTTCN featured practitioner
About Teresa
Hello and welcome! I’m Teresa Thompson, Founder and Senior Therapist at Salt River Therapy. I help clients reflect on their feelings, thoughts, and relationships, practice tools and strategies for change, and step into their truest, most authentic selves.

Clients come to me feeling unsure and insecure, repeating the same frustrating patterns over and over again, and afraid to let go of what’s not working. Our work together helps them dig into themselves deeper, ditch old and unhealthy cycles, and finally move forward on the life path that they want.

I value building a genuine therapeutic connection with you -
that’s why I’m open to bringing aspects of my personal identity and lived experience into my practice. As a binational, multiracial person living in diaspora, I relate well to “outsiders” and people with mixed or fluid identities. Women and LGBTQ clients often specifically seek me out as a therapist who is a queer woman of color - because I haven’t just studied these walks of life, I’ve lived them. 

Book a free phone consultation to learn more about my approach - I look forward to hearing from you.


About Jack
Hey there - I’m Jack Skelton, an Associate Therapist at Salt River Therapy. I can work with you to explore deeper questions, break patterns that no longer serve you, and strengthen your rituals and strategies of care.  

In my 10+ years of experience, I have supported clients overcoming a variety of life challenges - anxiety and depression, stress from disability/chronic illness and/or caretaking, self-esteem issues, difficulties setting boundaries and resolving conflicts, communication problems, and more. 

I believe that you are the expert on you, and that our work together is to help you uncover the answers true to your unique life experience. I use therapeutic models like Mary Poppins pulls from her bag—together we identify the tools that work best for you. I frequently use mindfulness, art, movement, and music activities in my approach. 

I have extensive experience working with queer and trans clients. I welcome clients who are engaged in non-monogamy, sex-work, and/or kink. I am fat-positive and body-positive. I am a white clinician, deeply committed to anti-racist work.
I am invested in you living an intentional, reflective life that feels most true to you. Let’s chat more about what working together would be like - book a free phone consultation to get started.


jack skelton therapy


We offer therapy sessions virtually on Zoom. The convenience of telehealth allows us to meet virtually with clients residing throughout New York and New Jersey. Teresa also has in-person availability at her office in Downtown Brooklyn.

Individual therapy sessions are 45 minutes, scheduled weekly. We require a minimum 6 month commitment to weekly therapy before discussing the possibility of biweekly therapy.

Couples therapy sessions are 60 minutes, scheduled biweekly.

Contact Us Today For A Free Consultation 646-657-8646

 Like most specialized therapy practices, Salt River Therapy does not accept insurance. 

Teresa’s fees are $180-$220 for individual therapy and $200-$250 for couples therapy.
Jack’s fees are $120-$160 for individual therapy and $150-$200 for couples therapy.

We’ll negotiate a fee with you before your first session, taking into account your financial circumstances, the anticipated complexity of your treatment, and what capacity the practice currently has to accommodate sliding scale rates. 

If you have a health insurance plan that includes Out of Network benefits, we encourage you to get in contact with them to find out if and how you can use these to offset the cost of therapy.

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Insights Blog
Curious about our approach to mental health? Check out our blog to see some of the most frequent questions we get about mental health answered. You might be surprised to see many of your difficulties and concerns are shared by others going through their own mental health journey. 
If you have any questions we haven't yet answered, please submit them in a comment, via email, or during a free consultation.
Contact Us
To schedule a free phone consultation, click here or reach out to Teresa by email (teresa@saltrivertherapy.com) or text (646-657-8646). For general inquiries, please email hello@saltrivertherapy.com

If you are in crisis, please contact 1-888-NYC-WELL (New York) or 855-654-6735 (New Jersey) for immediate support. If you are experiencing a psychiatric emergency, go to your nearest emergency room.


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We respond to emails, calls, and text messages at our earliest convenience on business days. We cannot guarantee a prompt reply to communication received outside of business hours, and correspondence is not monitored before 9 am, after 8 pm, or on Sundays.